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Computer Use and Internet Safety Policy

The Columbus-Lowndes Public Library (CLPL) offers computers for public use in accordance with the library’s Mission Statement, the American Library Association’s “Library Bill of Rights,” statement, and all Federal, Mississippi, and local regulations.  Anyone using the library’s public computers must agree to: 1) take proper care of all equipment, manuals/instructional materials; 2) report equipment or software problems/failures to Library staff immediately; 3) pay the replacement costs of any equipment or software damages as a result of carelessness or malicious actions; and 4) observe all copyright laws.  CLPL offers two types of computers for public use: Internet computers and Word Processing computers.

Staff Assistance

Basic knowledge of computer hardware and software is expected of patrons.  Library staff can provide basic assistance, but may not be able to answer all questions.  Reference books are available for more difficult questions.

General Use

Public computers are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.  Patrons must log into the public computer with their patron identification number, which is located on their library card.  There is a 45 minute time limit for Internet computers when others are waiting.  There is a 90 minute time limit for Word Processing computers when others are waiting.  Patrons without a library card may log into a computer under a guest account with a 30 minute time limit.  No more than one person is allowed to use a computer at a time except when a legal guardian chooses to accompany a minor, or except with prior permission from library staff.


Black and white printers are available for patron use at 25 cents per page.  Patrons must input their name when sending print jobs to the printer.  Copies may be retrieved and paid for at the circulation desk.


CLPL does not offer email accounts.  Patrons with personal email accounts are free to access them with the library’s public computers.

Ethical Use

The public display of graphic, obscene, and/or sexually oriented materials is illegal and not permitted under this policy.  This is governed by the Mississippi Code Section 97-5-29, “Public Display of Sexually Oriented Materials.”

Other illegal and unacceptable purposes include, but are not limited to: harassment of other users; libeling or slandering of other users; destruction of or damage to equipment, software, or data belonging to the Library; disruption or unauthorized monitoring of electronic communications; violating copyright laws and/or software license regulations; misrepresenting yourself by access code, password, or signature; unauthorized disclosure, use, and dissemination of personal identification information regarding minors; or any unacceptable use that can be considered as illegal or may result in criminal prosecution.

Internet Statement

CLPL offers access to the Internet for patrons.  CLPL assumes no responsibility for the quality, accuracy, or currency of any Internet resource.  The Internet allows users to connect to networks of resources outside of the library.  The Internet may contain material of a controversial nature, which some users may deem inappropriate. 

All public computers use Internet filtering software, which blocks visual images deemed to be “obscene” or “child pornography” as required by the Federal Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA).  The software is required for anyone under the age of 17 using an Internet computer.  Those who are 17 and older can request that the filtering software be disabled.

Board Approved on December 29, 2005